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Free Utilities! - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)

All of the utilities here are free and will always be free
however, they are unsupported. That's the nature of free tools.

(Almost all of these utilities require that you have the Visual Basic 6 runtime files on your machine, as they
were written in VB6. If you need the VB6 runtime files, you can get them from Microsoft's site in the file VBRun60sp5.exe)

ExpandTSI Form/Report to Data Access Page Wizard (Access 2000/2002, now supports subforms!)
ExpandTSI Xpression (Access 2000/2002)
ExpandTSI Compactor
ExpandTSI CodePage Conversion Utility
ExpandTSI ImpExp Spec Tool (2000/2002)
ExpandTSI Subforminator!
ExpandTSI Conversion
ExpandTSI Access 2000 Un-Replicator
ExpandTSI SOON (Shut One, Open New) database add-in
ExpandTSI Synchronizer - build 5024
ExpandTSI Name AutoCorrect Wizard
ExpandTSI Replication System Fields Utility
ExpandTSI SysRel Copy Utility
ExpandTSI Workgroup Utility
ExpandTSI ExchSys Utility
CollapseTSI NCR Killer

If you use FrontPage 2000 for multilingual HTML and ASP like I do, then you will probably have run into the way that FP converts å to å (known as entities) and © to © (known as numeric character references or NCRs) if you save a page with the wrong character set. This is a great feature, to be sure; but what if the wrong character set is a mistake and you want to convert these entities back to the original strings? Enter the TSI NCR Killer, which will perform this conversion for you by adding a menu button to the Tools menu to perform these conversions. Make sure you fix the code page first (or else it will not appear to do anything useful!). If you want to grab the source for this add-in, you can look right here. Believe me, if you have ever had to see a whole page of these characters because you forgot to change the character set, you will love this simple utility!

ExpandTSI Word to the Wise


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