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VB6 Localization Tools - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English - United States)

The Visual Basic 6 "Win32Dialog" Localization Tools:

If you need to localize your application, VB has a lot of limitations. It pretty much requires the localizer to own VB so they can translate, resize, etc., and then recompile your application.

Our Win32Dialog tools provide a better way--an add-in the developer runs that creates Win32 dialog resources that look just like your VB forms, and a runtime class that resizes/translates your VB form to match those resources. To localize, you simply send the .RES file or a .DLL to your localizer, and they do the work using the same tools they would use for C++ or other applications.

This technology is licensed by many companies, including Microsoft, which uses it in many of the Visual Basic add-ins and wizards that ship with Microsoft Office 2000 and SQL Server 7.0.

For a sample project, you can download test.zip. You must have the VB6 runtime files) on your machine in order to run the demo. Just unzip all the files into the same directory, and run TEST.EXE, which will then prompt you to select running German, Japanese, Greek, or English from a resource DLL, or no DLL at all.

Intro Screen Shot
Intro Screen Shot

English Sample
German Sample
Greek Sample
Japanese Sample

I should also note it handles DBCS (far east) and BiDi (Bi-directional, as in Hebrew/Arabic) languages.

Note: In order for Greek/Japanese to work on a US/English machine, there is some codepage work behind the scenes as VB does not support this out of the box! Also, you must have a machine with the "MS UI Gothic" font and Japanese language support for it to do its job. None of the other languages have this requirement. These screen shots were done on a US machine.

This technique is documented in an article written by Michael Kaplan for the August 1999 Visual Basic Programmer's Journal.

For other international/multinational issues beyond localization (month and day names, date/time/currency formats, string management, etc.), see the "Sample Code of Varying Usefulness", also on this site.

If you are interested in finding out more about the TSI Win32Dialog tools, or any of the other localization or international/multinational support for Visual Basic 6 that Trigeminal Software, Inc., can provide, send us some e-mail at win32dialog@trigeminal.com


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