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Trigeminal Software, Inc. - Microsoft and Other Resources and Links (English)

The following are links to several miscellaneous replication and other resources. Not a complete listing, by any means (but it contains a few of my favorites) -- Michael Kaplan

  • One of the biggest problems with Internet replication is knowing when you have the Internet server configured properly. One tool you can use to help you determine whether a Jet 4.0 Internet replication problem is server config vs. some other problem is bigpost.exe. This tool is a compiled version of the VC++ project found in MS Knowledge Base in Q177188. To call it, simply unzip, go to a command line, and type
    bigpost.exe 1 InternetServer Dropbox/test.dat
    (filling in your own names for server and dropbox, of course) which should put a 1K file called test.dat into the dropbox. If it fails, then the problem is with the configuration of the Internet Server! Please note that this is just an unsupported sample provide by the KB article above for showing how to use the HttpSendRequestEx API call (which is what Internet replication uses). See the KB article for a better understanding of what this EXE does. I have been able to use bigpost.exe on several occasions to help prove to an ISP that the problem is with how they set up the Internet server, as opposed to how replication works! :-)

  • My favorite all-around site for Microsoft Access is Dev Ashish's site, Dev is a really awesome guy who knows a lot more about Access than most people ever will. And he has put together a great website for just about all aspects of Microsoft Access! (he is also very knowledgeable about html, dhtml, and other such "web" technologies, and has helped me a lot on parts of this site!)

  • If you need to split a database into a front end and backend after replicating, Jeffrey Streutker has written an excellent article with step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish it.

  • The Replication Website Contains information on:
    • What Is Database Replication?
    • Using the User Interface Commands for Replication
    • Using Briefcase Replication
    • Using the Replication Manager
    • Using Data Access Objects (DAO) to Control Replication
    • Microsoft Access Replication FAQ

  • The Replication FAQ, put together by several Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals)

  • A heap of Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles on Replication and a few other topics that piqued my interest. The non-replication topics are marked in red, and the three columns represent Access 95/Jet 3.0, Access 97/Jet 3.5, and Access 2000/Jet 4.0, respectively.

  •   Q248112   ODE97: Access 97 Run-Time Application Incorrectly Uses Access 2000 Executable
      Q191916   ACC97: No Common Point to Synchronize Replicas After Year 2000
        Q243957 MOD2000: Access 2000 Run-Time Minimum Now Available for Download
      Q172733   Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 3.5 Available on MSL
        Q239114 Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 4.0 Available on MSL
    Q151186     ACC95: Updated Jet DLLs Available on MSL
        Q202479 ACC2000: Unexpected Characters Appear When You Convert Databases That Have Non-U.S. English Characters
        Q222446 ACC2000: Unexpected Characters in Database Converted from Localized Version of Earlier Version of Access
      Q191224   ACC97: AcLicn97.exe Available for Download on MSL
    Q223043 Q223043 Q243895 ACC: Database Password Appears Even Though It Was Never Set
        Q240293 How to Deploy an Access Data Project That Includes the Microsoft Data Engine
        Q241141 ACC2000: How to Install Access 97 and Access 2000 on the Same Computer
        Q240967 MOD2000: How to Distribute Replication Manager 4.0 by Using the P&D Wiz?
      Q222150   ACC97: Internet Synchronization Fails with "Internet is Very Slow" Error
    Q153526 Q153526 Q208394 ACC/ACC2000: How to Make a Replicated Database a Regular Database
    Q173002 Q173002 Q198638 ACC/ACC2000: How Replcation Manager Determines Base Replica
    Q158930 Q158930   ACC: How to use the ReplicationConflictFunction property
    Q138443     ACC95: How Replication Affects AutoNumber Fields
    Q158934 Q158934   ACC: Cascade Deletes May Cause Err Msg in Synchronized Replica
      Q193208   ACC97: Query Design Changes Cause Synchronization Error
    Q158936 Q158936   ACC: Recovering Data from a Nonmember of a Replica Set
      Q163130   ODE97: Apply Button Dimmed When Converting DB to Design Master
      Q163131   ODE97: Replication Manager Leaves Replica Set Info in Registry
    Q138828 Q164553   ACC95/ACC97: Jet Replication White Paper Available on MSL
      Q181371   ACC97: Internet Replication White Paper Available on MSL
    Q173044     ACC95: Replication/Synchronization Fails, Error in Msjtrclr
    Q164237     ACC95: Deleted Replicas Still Show in Synchronization List
      Q164784 Q198950 ACC97/ACC2000: Unable to Remove Deleted Replica from Synchronize List
      Q170493 Q199067 ACC97/ACC2000: Replica Remains in Synchronize Dialog Box After Deletion
      Q164785   ACC97: DB Doesn't Close and Reopen After Failed Synchronization
    Q182464 Q182464 Q207629 ACC/ACC2000: Delete Queries Cause Size of Replicated Database to Grow
      Q170701 Q210606 ACC97/ACC2000: Objects Appear Replicable for Users with No Permissions
    Q169955 Q169955 Q210612 ACC/ACC2000: Parameter Query Returns No Records with Replication ID Field
        Q225907 ACC2000: ReplicationID AutoNumber Field of Can Be Edited in a Data Access Page
    Q136134 Q136134   ACC: How to Make a Database Replicable
    Q138442     ACC95: How Replication Increases Size of Database
    Q138443     ACC95: How Replication Affects AutoNumber Fields
    Q145771     ACC95: Error Exporting MS Access 95 Table to Version 2.0
    Q149086     ACC95: Duplicate AutoNumber Values Present
        Q224346 ACC2000: Error Message: The User-Supplied Function Named '' Could Not Be Found
    Q165271 Q165271   ACC: Synch with Replicas Before Changing Design Master Schema
      Q176628   ACC97: Microsoft Partial Replica Wizard Available on MSL
      Q171949   ODE97: Can't Synchronize Over the Internet to Same Internet Server
      Q165830   ACC97: Problems Adding Records to Replicated Database Using ASP
      Q168398   ACC97: Access 97 Replica to Regular DB Wizard Available on MSL
    Q170551 Q170551   ADT/ODE: Transporter and Synchronizer Can't Share Log File
      Q170595   ODE97: Correct Syntax for Internet Synchronization Using DAO
      Q171949   ODE97: Can't Synchronize Over Internet to Same Internet Server
    Q173002 Q173002   ACC: How Replication Manager Determines Base Replica
      Q173006 Q198633 ACC/ACC2000: "File Sharing Lock Count" Error During Synchronization
      Q173171   ODE97: Failed Internet Synchronization Leaves Files on Server
      Q174496 Q197522 ACC97/ACC2000: Misleading Information in IIS Readme.HTM
    Q182867 Q182867   ACC: Jet Database Engine 3.x Error Messages Due to Corruption
      Q201222   ACC97: More Than One Synch Displayed on Status Bar
        Q207588 ACC2000: Changes to Connect Property Don't Synchronize to Replicas
    Q180081 Q180081 Q203627 ACC/ACC2000: Synchronization Fails When System Date Is Greater Than 2038
    Q160753 Q160753 Q208222 ACC/ACC2000: "The Replication ID You Entered Is invalid" Error in Query
        Q200598 ACC2000: DocErr "What Name AutoCorrect Fixes and Doesn't Fix"
        Q240826 ACC2000: Lost Printer Settings When Name AutoCorrect Is Enabled"
    Q156251     ADT95: Can't Configure Local Dropbox in Replication Manager
      Q222135   ACC97: Using Microsoft Jet with IIS
      Q163652   ODE97: Error Message: ISAM Unable to Register Itself in Custom Application
    Q156251     ADT95: Cannot Configure Local Dropbox in Replication Manager
        Q198503 ACC2000: Problems When You Use Instr() to Find Special Characters
        Q210069 ACC2000: How to Format Dates as U.S. Dates Regardless of Regional Settings
        Q200459 ACC2000: You Cannot Enter Zero-Length Strings on Data Access Pages
        Q210455 ACC2000: Sample Function to Determine Language Version
        Q208436 ACC2000: Report OutputTo Text File Adds Random Blank Lines
        Q282977 ACC2000: Microsoft Access 2000 Replication FAQ Available in Download Center
        Q207787 ACC2000: Synchronize with Replicas Before You Change Design Master Schema
        Q225907 ACC2000: Security/Replication Tools Do Not Operate Against SQL 6.5
      Q230152   PRB: Cannot Add Rows to a Replica Database with ADO
        Q233488 ACC2000: Unable to Synchronize with MSDE/SQL Server on Windows 95 or 98


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