Unicode Address Book

This is not a real address book. Its just a nice way you can help prove to yourself that you can get Unicode data in and out of a database (in this case a Jet 4.0 database but a SQL Server 7.0/2000 database will work just as well if you use Unicode fields!). To test it, simply stick some data into the textbox. It can be any sort of data that you can get into the textbox, whether you type it in via a keyboard (perhaps one in another language), paste it in from some other page on the Trigeminal site, or get it by any other means you can! Once you submit, the text will be in there for all to see (and yes, I will be cleaning out text regularly, but please try not to put in anything offensive, okay?). I will make source available for this very soon, feel free to send e-mail to michka@trigeminal.com if you want to push me to do it sooner!

Sorry, this sample will only work in Internet Explorer. I will probably fix up the JScript code for Mozilla eventually, but I was not trying to provide a cross-DOM version, so NS 4.x users will have to live with the limitations forever.

Name Phone
ASP Connections גסחחחכחכגבחיכ  test 
James Sukhabut  1234 
TSI最新情報 (すなわち、あなたに必要なもの)  Kanji Test 
ג'וליאן לי   Hebrew Test 
מייקל קפלן   None of your business! 
ஜூலியான் லீ   Tamil Test 
மைகல் கேப்லன்   None of your business! 

This is also a good example of how to create scalable web applications that update databases, even Jet databases! Just don't hold onto database connections and don't use session variables and you will be amazed at how scalable even Jet can be!

Special thanks to James Sukhabut for providing the original SQL Server version of this sample!