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The TSI® Soapbox™ (English)

The TSI® Soapbox
(where Michael Kaplan and others tell it as they see it and hope no one is offended enough to come after them with a gun)

If you are wondering where the list of old Soapbox rants is kept, it does not exist. While some people may disagree, it is my opinion that as time progresses the rant gets more and more stale, and looking back is not something that will ever make the rant better, or the ranter look better.

However, actual rants are kept on the server so if you remember that permanent link you can see your favorites again. But since for now there is no archive page, and since I change them whenever I feel like it, you should probably come back often if you do not want to miss anything!

I have recently moved the Soapbox articles to their own subfolder named (you guessed it!) soapbox. So if you have saved any links you may need to fix them from xxx.html to soapbox/xxx.asp. Hope this does not cause any undue pain or stress!

Michael Kaplan
Trigeminal Software, Inc.

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