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#14: Michael Becomes a [Micro]serf!

Yes, that's right. After more than six and a half years as a vendor continuously doing different contracts for Microsoft, I have finally started working for Microsoft as a full-time employee. Trigeminal Software will continue to exist, though I will not be doing non-MS consulting work through it any longer. This also means that the website will still be here and providing tips, information, and samples. Life will be mostly the same for everyone.

Of course the big question many people ask is WHY? :-)

I have been asked many times and a lot of different groups at Microsoft to join up and go full time, but all of those offers had a problem with them -- they did not offer a real promise of the challenges and features that I would get by staying on the outside. And it was very exciting to be faced with new jobs in different product groups all of the time. But in the words of Rob Gordon in the movie High Fidelity (based on Nick Hornby's excellent book), "...when's it all going to f***ing stop? I'm going to jump from rock to rock for the rest of my life until there aren't any rocks left?" So when I found a really great "rock" I decided maybe it was time to stop jumping. Now I am a software design engineer in Windows Globalization, working hard on both features in Windows and in the Globalization namespace of the .Net Framework. And I am loving every minute of it.

Some of you may be mildly disappointed -- one thing I can assure you is that this is not a sellout. I will still be around -- in some newsgroups, at some conferences, and so forth. And still just as opinionated (though perhaps a little nicer about it!). The group I have joined is very happy about my interest and passion, and they have encouraged me to continue in what I am doing. I will therefore definitely continue to say how I really feel, probably keep forgetting to use the spell checker, and never be afraid to calling a bonehead a bonehead. And to my dying day I will refuse to suffer fools gladly. Because truth is a lot more interesting.

Unfortunately, there was already a "michka" at Microsoft, so my favorite nickname is not my MS email alias. Probably a sign that I waited a year too long to make this change! Please do not unintentionally spam the "michka" there, though -- he gets enough of my mail as it is now, from my old address! But you can still reach me at without difficulty.

For the record (and in case you were interested), my recent IRS audit had nothing to do with any of this, as I had already accepted the position at Microsoft before I even knew the IRS was even interested in me. And I did survive the audit, thanks. :-)

Michael Kaplan
Principal Developer, Trigeminal Software, Inc.
Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corp.
01 January 2003

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