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Usenet Posting #10 - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)

Subject: INFO: data errors, and converting Jet 3.5 replicas to Jet 4.0
(Originally posted 5/2/99)
This was a very pleasant experience... I was doing some work for a client who had gotten into a bit of trouble with errors (over 1200 of them!). I was all set for several days of work to bring them down, but instead they asked if the Jet 4.0 conversion would help... and it did!

After conversion, there were no errors or conflicts at all. Then, after the first synchronization, all of the conflicts (due to TLV, RI issues, dupe primary keys) were now *conflicts* in the standard conflict table. The built-in Conflict Viewer wizard displayed them all, and the users did all the resolution themselves in a few hours (and fixed many problems in their data on the way that had caused some of the conflicts!). Some of it they did right on the conflict tables, and I helped them with some simple queries to make that even easier. It was so cool that I did not even mind not being able to bill as much. :-)

So, whether you consider the cleanup of errors to be a feature or a bug fix, I can attest to the fact that it is present in Jet 4.0.

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