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Usenet Posting #21 - Trigeminal Software, Inc. (English)

Subject: INFO: "No common point to synchronize replicas after the year 2000" FIX
(Originally posted 1/22/00)

This is a very commonly reported problem now that the year 2000 "date rollover" has occurred. It was originially found quite some time ago, was reported in Q191916 and fixed in Access 97 SR2 and Jet Service Pack 3. HOWEVER, these articles will give you a brand new Jet that will keep the bug from occurring in the future. But how can you make it stop happening now for existing replicas?

Well, I was given a series of replicas from customers with which to test, and in the process of using my extreme techniques to avoid the illegal move/copy problem (detailed in Info Post #9), I determined something very interesting. The "fix" to this problem with the "no common synchronization point" error msg is to move or copy the replica! While it is usually a terrible thing to see a replica change its identity, it makes perfect sense to want to change your identity when none of your family will talk to you any more, doesn't it? This Jet version of the "witness relocation" program can save your data!

So, in this specific case, you should ignore the advice in Info Post #9 and do the following:

  • Install Service Pack 3 of Jet and/or SR2 of Access 97 (see above KB article links)
  • Copy the replica in DOS or the Windows Explorer
  • Synchronize this new replica with your usual synch partners
In fact, it appears from initial testing that after the first synchronization with the hub, you can even synchronize with the old replica and see it recovered (since you will be giving it a common synchronization point by having it know about the information it obtains through this new replica).

It just goes to show you that you should never say never. If you are hitting this bug, it looks like the perfect time to give your replica a new identity. :-)

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